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Death Wish Coffee

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The BIG Maze - National Building Museum rcruzniemiec aka archatlas

The last day but I made it!

“The Museum, in partnership with BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, will create a never-before-seen large-scale maze for the Museum’s historic home. Soaring approximately 18 feet high and measuring 60 feet by 60 feet, the maple plywood structure will boast a series of twists and turns for visitors to weave through and explore.” [via]


compulsion //

2 decades of being fucked up by gendered socialization forces me to do this obsessive thing with my selfies where

i open them on my phone and experiment with covering parts of myself until i am

convinced that i would pass as a boy to strangers.

sometimes i only take off a cheekbone or an eyebrow, other times i chop off the upper half of my body.

the mirror will inevitably tell me i cannot mimic this in real life and i resign to living only on the internet.

i am a mess

// this world has created a monster

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libre comme les garçons, pt ii | cam damage | by donte richardo

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Shooting on a rooftop for the SLUMFLOWER film..

"My only regret is that
I didn’t tell enough people
to fuck off."

- My 92 year old grandma (via expeditum)

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